Where are we now? The Impact of the IPV Protocol Screening Survey

Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers specifically to abuse within an intimate relationship, the immediate and long-term effects of which can have devastating impacts.

Recent studies are showing that people living with HIV experience a high burden of IPV, and although it has also been shown to be a significant risk factor in acquiring HIV, few studies have focused on how past or current experiences with IPV affect individual’s engagement to HIV care after their diagnosis.

The team at the Southern Alberta HIV Clinic in Calgary (SAC) believe in the importance of asking all individuals living with HIV a series of standardized questions, via the IPV Protocol Screening Survey, that address their experiences with IPV. The data collected from the last several years has allowed for a broader understanding of the prevalence of IPV in different and more diverse populations than previously reported, and has also led to the expansion of the definition of ‘communities impacted by IPV’ to include populations beyond those usually considered ‘vulnerable’.

The IPV Protocol Screening Survey is a low cost, high reward intervention that can positively impact individuals living with HIV and the effects of IPV and is accepted by both patients and providers because it gives space to acknowledge the impact of people’s experience with IPV and enhances HIV care outcomes while expressing empathy and understanding.

This project is ongoing and you can read more about their findings in the following articles:

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