Think Tank: Closing the Gap on HIV Testing in Manitoba

The Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network hosted a Think Tank on Closing the Gap on HIV Testing in Manitoba on November 24, 2016. Over 40 people representing policy makers, practitioners, researchers, peers, community-based organizations, indigenous organizations and others from across Manitoba attended. The day began with welcoming from Dr. Marissa Becker and Stephanie Van Haute. This was followed by guiding words and a prayer from Elder Velma Orvis. Laurie Ringaert & Mike Payne then presented on collective impact and an update on the progress of the Network since March 2016. This was then followed by panelists that provided their perspectives on HIV Testing in Manitoba. Panelists included:

  • Missed Opportunities for HIV Diagnosis: Marissa Becker & Carla Loeppky
  • The State of HIV Testing in Manitoba: Kamran Kadkhoda
  • Northern Perspectives: Hillary Cooper
  • Talking about Stigma and HIV Testing: Dr. Gayle Restall
  • Talking about Community Readiness & HIV Testing: Dr. Linda Larcombe
  • Dr. Restall and Dr. Larcombe discussed the research projects that they and their teams will begin in 2017 due to recent awards from CIHR & REACH 2.0 respectfully.
  • Participants discussed the current state, gaps and strategies to begin to close the gaps. Four work groups were formed as a result of the session. A report will be developed and distributed by January 2017.
  • For more information, please contact: Laurie Ringaert, MB HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network Coordinator.



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