Stigma Index Grant Application

In October, REACH 2.0 submitted a grant application to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research entitled, The Canadian HIV Stigma Index CBR Project: Examining the social and structural drivers of stigma to shape the actionable solution(s) to support people living with HIV and their affected communities.

This study, the first of its kind in Canada, will be national, cross-sectional, and community-led. It will implement the HIV Stigma Index in Canada and play a key role in reducing the negative impact of stigma on the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

We hosted the Canadian HIV Sigma Index CBR Project team meeting on October 1, 2014. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss: the formation of the Canadian HIV Stigma Index Steering Committee, the grant reviewer feedback and next steps, and REACH 2.0 seed funding to support implementing the Stigma Index over the next six months. Thirty existing and new members of the Canadian Stigma Index team met in Toronto to discuss: capacity building and training opportunities, translation needs, recruitment strategies, moments of action and change targets, regional meetings to generate local excitement and build on regional initiatives, and learning from challenges and solutions identified by teams in British Columbia and Quebec.

Results to be announced in March 2015.

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