Dissemination and Use

Once all of the evaluation data has been collected and analyzed, it is important for the findings to inform program improvements and decision making. The first step is to develop recommendations for stakeholders to consider based on findings from the evaluation. The second step is to ensure that evaluation findings and recommendations are shared with key stakeholders. Effective communication strategies can help stakeholders to understand the results and use the information to inform program improvements and guide policy. This section of the toolkit outlines how to write recommendations and share findings from the evaluation with key stakeholders.


Writing Reports & Recommendations

  • Report and Support Use of Findings (Better Evaluation) – Develop and present findings in ways that are useful for the intended users of the evaluation, and support them to make use of them.
  • Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer (PHAC) – The KT Planning Primer is a tool designed to support active forms of knowledge dissemination and exchange. It has three parts. Diagram: a visual overview of the process of making knowledge matter. Worksheet: a series of steps to guide you through the process. User Guide, Appendices and References: questions and resources to help you complete the Worksheet, and beyond.
  • Preparing an Evaluation Report (CDC) – This Brief provides a general outline for an evaluation report that can be adapted to present evaluation results and is tailored to address the questions and concerns of different audiences.

Developing a Communications Plan

Data Visualization

  • Visualize Data (Better Evaluation) – Data visualisation is the process of representing data graphically in order to identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be unclear or difficult to discern. Data visualization serves two purposes: to bring clarity during analysis and to communicate.
  • Data Visualization Checklist (Stephanie Evergreen) – This checklist is meant to be used as a guide for the development of high impact data visualizations.

Other resources:

  • Blog: Evergreen Data — a great blog by Stephanie Evergreen that provides great advice on how to improve the way we report our findings, how to communicate findings more clearly and how to use data visualization tools to increase engagement with our work.
  • Blog: Ann K. Emery – Data Analysis + Visualization: Ann K. Emery is an independent consultant who specializes in data visualization and data analysis and writes a great blog with lots of great data visualization and excel tips.
  • Pinterest Board: Better Evaluation Reporting – Tools and resources for more effective reporting in monitoring and evaluation curated by www.communitysolutions.ca.


  •  Check back – new tools will be added regularly


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