Stakeholders are those that have a stake or vested interest in the evaluation. Key stakeholder representatives should be engaged throughout all steps of the evaluation process. Such engagement often improves the relevance and utilization of evaluation findings. This section of the toolkit includes a series of resources that will help you to identify, understand and engage stakeholders throughout your evaluation.



  • Get to Know Your Evaluation Stakeholders (Community Solutions) – You’ve identified your potential stakeholders. Now what? Get their input by asking some of the following questions…
  • Identifying and Determining Involvement of Stakeholders (CDC) – Stakeholders are individuals and organizations that have an interest in or are affected by your evaluation and/or its results. Stakeholders provide a reality check on the appropriateness and feasibility of your evaluation questions, offer insight on and suggest methods to access the target populations, provide ongoing feedback and recommendations, and help make evaluation results actionable.
  • A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Development Evaluation Questions (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluation Series) – This guide aims to assist evaluators and their clients in the process of engaging stakeholders—those with a stake or interest in the program, policy, or initiative being evaluated. The guide should assist philanthropy, but also the field of evaluation more generally, as it seeks to increase the value and usefulness of evaluation.



  • Check back – new tools will be added regularly
  • Stakeholder Engagement Worksheet


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