PAN’s Checklist: What needs to be in place to provide adequate support to peer researchers?

In 2015, PAN began the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index (BC Stigma Index), a community-based research (CBR) study to document the experiences of stigma and discrimination from the perspective of people living with HIV (PLHIV). One of the objectives of this study was to “support PLHIV to be Stigma Index leaders and build capacity for PLHIV to participate in research planning and partnership development.” Six peer researchers were hired to implement the BC Stigma Index across BC, as well as to participate in data analysis and knowledge translation and exchange activities. Following the data collection phase, the peer researchers were interviewed about their experiences of leading and participating in the BC Stigma Index. This checklist outlines questions to consider when working with and supporting peer researchers and provides a summary of lessons that PAN learned from these interviews about supporting peer researchers. We hope it will serve as a useful resource for other CBR projects and teams.

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