New Report Available: The Alberta CBR Regional Priority Consultation

To read the full report on the consultation, click here.

The CBR Collaborative held a regional consultation in March 2019 to better understand the current research priorities of people living with HIV and community agencies in Alberta. The consultation included three components: 1) an online pre-consultation survey, 2) a one-day stakeholder meeting, and 3) an online post-consultation survey. Participating stakeholders included independent community leaders living with HIV, representatives from community-based organizations, academic researchers, and an Alberta Health Services employee. While many priority areas were identified during the consultation, there was some consensus across stakeholder groups around the areas of:

  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Prevention (including issues related to PrEP)
  • Medical and nursing education or health service procedures
  • Knowledge synthesis
  • Access to testing

Stakeholders also brainstormed capacity-building initiatives needed in Alberta to support a responsive CBR agenda. Initiatives included:

  • Peer support and training
  • Funding for community-driven research
  • KTE conferences and program exchanges
  • Providing evidence to support program implementation in community-based organizations

These priorities serve as a road-map for developing future projects in the region, and the CBR Collaborative’s staff, infrastructure, and resources will support initiatives that align with identified community priorities. Click here to read the full report on the consultation.

This work was funded by REACH 2.0 and carried out with support from the Alberta Community Council on HIV. 

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