Meet Madeline Gallard – BC’s New CBR Coordinator

Madeline (or M.P.) Gallard is PAN’s newest member of the REACH team in the role of CBR Coordinator! Madeline has lived intermittently in Metchosin/Sooke, Courtenay, and Langley, B.C., with a brief interlude in Ottawa, and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies from Trinity Western University. Before joining PAN, they also had the opportunity to work for the Pacific Hepatitis C Network, as well as YouthCO as a Coordinator for the Mpowerment program in Fraser East. They now live in Abbotsford, B.C.

Madeline became interested in the HIV and hepatitis C sector during their undergrad, when they began to learn more about health equity – learnings which were reinforced by their experiences in a political internship. Madeline also witnessed and experienced differences in access to care and services in relation to their involvement with queer and trans organizing in their undergrad.

Madeline’s professional interests include exploring health equity, particularly in respect to rural and remote communities and for queer and trans people, and learning about innovative qualitative research methodologies. In their spare time, Madeline enjoys hiking, eating vegetarian food (but preferably not cooking it!), weightlifting, and watching Drag Race. Madeline is excited to engage with REACH and learn from the others on the team.

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