Launch of the Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Network

Three photos showing activities at the Manitoba Network Launch

Manitoba Network Launch March 1, 2016

The Manitoba HIV Program and the Manitoba Community-Based Research Collaborating Centre hosted the launch of the Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Network on Research-Evaluation-Best Practices and Action on March 1, 2016 at the University of Winnipeg. Nearly 40 people representing community- based organizations, policy-makers, public not-for-profit organizations, indigenous organizations, peer researchers, researchers, healthcare practitioners & staff, students and others attended the event. The intent of the event was to bring together a variety of thought leaders for conversations about creating a collective impact network focused on research, evaluation, best-practices and action as well as the following goals:

  • Begin to develop our landscape of people and projects
  • Help understand areas we need to work on together
  • Create a network that is inviting, purposeful, engaging and making a difference…One that you

want to come back to

  • Begin to Work Collectively to Make a Difference to HIV Issues in Manitoba

The session began with a meal and then was warmly opened with an invocation from Elder Albert McLeod. Mike Payne, Nine Circles Community Health Centre, Executive Director and Co-Lead of both the Manitoba HIV Program and the Manitoba Community-Based Research Collaborating Centre then provided a presentation on a new vision for working together on HIV issues in Manitoba using a collective impact approach. Laurie Ringaert, MB CBR Collaborative Coordinator, provided an overview and introduction to the collective impact approach.

The session was purposefully designed with an appreciative inquiry approach. The group participated in several pre-event and on-site innovative exercises to accomplish the goals for the day. Exercises included a pre-event survey to develop profiles and projects; an on-site Polaroid fun photo connection station to begin to develop interest groups; an initial session to understand the landscape of people and project assets as well as to understand what we need more of and our gaps. Several more exercises followed including having the participants discuss what made them excited about the new network; what they see the network accomplishing by June 2018 (front page news); and gathering several great ideas they have for creating and building the network. The final exercises for the day were having each participant voice what’s in it for them and where and how they see themselves contributing to build the network.

Of those who evaluated the meeting, 83% rated their satisfaction with the meeting as high-very high. Some key words voiced by participants regarding their excitement with the new network: collaboration, collective, innovation, common focus, impact, change, awareness, partnership, expansion, sustainable, community, more people-more teachings, and community voice.

Next Steps and How to Participate:

  • On March 1, the Network launched a Twitter (MBHIVCollectivImpact) and a LinkedIn Group sites: (Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Best-Practices Action Network).
  • The group is gathering a group of interested champions to keep the momentum going to move the Network forward on April 13, 9-11am.
  • A report will be created outlining the results of the March 1 event.
  • A monthly newsletter is planned to launch by the first week of April 2016
  • A Manitoba Network Breakfast is planned to be held for CAHR Conference participants

Saturday May 14, 2016.

  • The network would like to launch a website in the future
  • A Knowledge Exchange event is currently being planned tentatively for fall 2016.

Many thanks to all who helped to make the event possible.

For more information on the event or how to connect and participate with the Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Network on Research-Evaluation-Best-Practices & Action, please contact Laurie Ringaert, MB CBR Collaborative Centre Coordinator:

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