What is the need that the program is addressing/purpose of the program?

Choices for Youth (CFY) has been participating in a beneficial relationship with the AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador (ACNL) to offer a Satellite Site for their Safe Works Access Program (SWAP).  We are also fortunate enough to have an on-site Public Health nurse who has allowed us to become a “one stop shop” for needle exchange and STI testing.  Indeed, this partnership has worked off each other to the benefit of many at-risk young people.

An evaluation of this project will help demonstrate that community organizations are a crucial piece in ensuring education, support, access and equity for the 30% of people living with HIV or Hepatitis C. By coupling this care with low barrier outreach services provides opportunities for vulnerable people to access health care services in a non-judgmental environment where relationship building and harm reduction at the forefront.

Further to this, the opportunity to have a formal evaluation would be invaluable to Choices for Youth, and we suggest it might demonstrate the need for increased capacity and additional SWAP hours; avenues to address after-hours access to safer using equipment, and after hours safe outside disposal.

Who is the target population?

The target population fits into Choices for Youth’s mandate of youth aged 16-29.  Typically Choices for Youth services some of the most vulnerable, at-risk and underserved young people.

Length/Duration of the program?

This program is on-going.

Resources available to implement the program

This service would not be available without the contribution of resources from the AIDS Committee of NL, Eastern Health, and Choices for Youth.  Specific contributions can be seen in the logic model.

Theories that describe understand and evaluate your program

This program is operated under a client centered, harm reduction model.