Manitoba has had a regional coordinator in place for just over a year. We are led by the Manitoba Advisory Team, an open group comprised of community groups, service providers, academics and policy makers. We meet every other month to discuss and refine regional priorities, and to keep each other up to date on key developments in HIV-related community based research in the region.

Key Successes

  • Reconvening the Manitoba Advisory Team and recruiting new members.
  • Building and supporting multiple teams for grant submissions, including:
    • Support for submissions to Catalyst Grants, Operating Grants, Boys and Men’s Team Grants, planning grants and internal funding to address Advisory Team priorities in the province.
  • Building relationships in rural and remote Manitoba. We secured funding to attend the rural and remote harm reduction conference in Thompson MB to present on the work of the CBR Collaborative. We were subsequently invited to present at the first meeting of the Northern Manitoba Research Network in Thompson, Manitoba.
  • Provided support for two local research endeavours: 1) mapping of risk populations with the Centre for Global Public Health and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), and 2) looking at discrepancies in urine vs. serological testing for STIs across the province with the Cadham Provincial Laboratory and the WRHA.
  • Supported the initiation of the Community Advisory Board for HIV research in Manitoba.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Continue to build a network across the province to optimize Manitoba’s participation in HIV-related CBR.
  • Working on a number of capacity building initiatives to strengthen community capacity to participate and lead CBR.
  • Continue to support applications for funding for community groups in Manitoba.
  • Continue to provide support for national REACH initiatives relevant to Manitoba, such as the point of care testing team and the trans research initiative.
  • Engaging in strategic planning locally to optimize participation in REACH 2.0.

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