Who We Are

The REACH CBR Collaborative Centre in HIV/AIDS began in July of 2012, and is now three years into a five-year term. The goal of the Centre is to build and promote HIV-related community based research (“CBR”) in Canada.

We are a national network consisting of HIV/AIDS researchers, people living with HIV, community based organizations, clinicians, and policy-makers. We are structured around seven Regional Core Teams that stretch from coast to coast. Each Core Team is led by a community leader and an academic leader, and decides on its own regional research priorities. A National CBR Leadership Committee identifies opportunities for cross-regional initiatives, encourages Core Teams to collaborate to advance shared goals, and ensures that all Core Teams receive appropriate and targeted support.

What is Community Based Research?

Community based research is rigorous research that involves the community. The HIV sector is a leader in CBR in Canada. CBR sees dynamic teams of researchers, people living with HIV, front-line agencies, clinicians, and policy-makers working together. Team members use their knowledge and skills to identify relevant questions, conduct research, and ensure that findings are used to develop more effective policies, programs, and services. CBR has great potential to improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV because it is driven by and connected to HIV community needs.

Our Approach to Community Based Research

We support a highly collaborative approach to research that respects and values the contributions and expertise of all team members across sectors and from diverse communities. We see the research process itself as a form of social action that enhances the knowledge and skills of all partners, builds community, and reduces HIV-related stigma.

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