CBR Collaborative Centre 2.0 and our Community-Based Research Principles

We are so pleased to announce that our team was successful in our proposal to CIHR under the Collaborative Centres of HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research competition. This news means that the CIHR CBR Collaborative: A Program of REACH (CBR Collaborative 2.0) will continue and that there will be sustained regional and national support through the CBR Collaborative 2.0 to foster rigorous, relevant community-based research (CBR) to  improve the health and wellbeing of people living with and affected by HIV in Canada. We will keep you updated on regional and national activities via the REACH 2.0 blog and a subscription to our monthly newsletter.

When we were preparing our proposal our team had time to reflect on the community-based research principles that we use to guide our work. We are committed to and demonstrate the following critical components when practicing CBR:

As part of our continued practice in CBR, the CBR Collaborative 2.0 and REACH 2.0 staff team is taking time to reflect and write about each of these principles. Keep an eye on the REACH 2.0 blog and newsletter over the coming months for posts titled “Reflections on CBR Principles” to learn more about how we intend to engage with and apply these principles in our work.

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