Announcing! MB HIV CIN Webinar Series: An Hour of Sharing and Learning

The MB HIV Collective Impact Network is a network of innovators changing the landscape of HIV/STBBI in Manitoba. The Collective Impact Network brings like-minded organizations and people together to address issues facing HIV/STBBI and ensures that the focus of the group is on creating impact. We are problem solvers tackling system change.
“System Change is about shifting the conditions that hold the problems in place” Social Innovation Generation.
We are pleased to announce that this Fall we are launching our Webinar Series!
  • Webinars will occur on the third Monday of the Month 1-2 pm.
  • Grab a Coffee and Join us for an hour of Sharing and Learning.
  • We will have a feature presenter each time
  • We are looking for presenters! If you are interested in presenting, please contact Laurie below.
  • Register below for our fall line up!
MB-HIV-CIN Webinars:
Fall Topics & Register Here!
Monday Sept 17 1-2pm
Presenter:  Tammy Reimer
  • Prevention Action Group Facilitator,
  • MB-HIV-CIN Stewardship Team Member
Topic: Learnings from the HIV/STBBI Testing Survey and Forum
Monday Oct 15 1-2pm
Presenter:  Stephanie Van Haute,
  • Testing-Linkage Action Group Facilitator,
  • MB-HIV-CIN Stewardship Team Member:
Topic: Learnings from the June Provincial Testing Day
Monday Nov. 19  Albert Mcleod
  • Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Inc.
  • MB-HIV CIN Stewardship Team Member:
Topic:  Learnings from the July 2-S Gathering Testing Session
Webinar Format:
  1. Part One: Welcome and Network Updates from Laurie/Mike (5-10 min)
  2. Part Two: Feature Presentation (15 min plus 5-10 min discussion)
  3. Part Three: Network Participant Discussion Time (Open Mic) 10 min
  4. Part Four:  Wrap Up and Announce Next Webinar Topic (2min)
If you have any questions, please contact :
Laurie Ringaert, CIN Co-Facilitator
204-797-2608 or or


New Implementation Science Research Design Tool

The Centre for Implementation Science at King’s College London has recently developed the ImpRes Tool. Its purpose is to support research teams who are in the process of designing implementation research and work to implement evidence-based interventions into practice.See:


MB HIV Collective Impact Network April Symposium Great Success!

A Great Success!
The Symposium was an overwhelming success with over 95 people in attendance on April13. The purpose of the event was for knowledge exchange, idea generation and for network building. We had people from Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia as well as people from all over Manitoba!
We were pleased to have 18 posters including a quilt as a poster!
We particularly appreciated the many out-of-town presenters and participants who were able to attend.
Many thanks to all the helpers who made this happen: including volunteers, staff, students, & our Stewardship Team.
We will be preparing a report. Watch for it in our next Monthly e-news in June!


MB HIV Collective Impact Network Symposium April 13, 2018

Don’t Miss the Next MB HIV Collective Impact Network Event! 
  • Date: Friday April 13, 2018
  • Place: University of Winnipeg
  • Convocation Hall
  • Time: 8:30-4:30
Goal: To share knowledge about innovative regional, national & provincial approaches to address HIV issues and explore local solutions to practice, program and policy gaps.

Please Register at:

April 13 Symposium

For more information and if you would like present a Poster, Please contact Laurie Ringaert, Co-Strategic Facilitator and MB CBR Coordinator. Email:



MB HIV Collective Impact Network Dec 1 Event

(The following is a summary of the full report. The full report can be obtained from the contacts at the end of this post). 

The Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Network (The Network) hosted its fourth full network event on December 1, 2017 to coincide with World AIDS Day. The event was held at the Neeginan Centre 181 Higgins, Winnipeg, Manitoba in the spacious rotunda.

The Network is supported through funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada and REACH 2.0 as well as the direct contributions of Network members.

What is the Purpose of the Network?

Our Vision: to eliminate HIV as a public health threat by 2030 and ensure that those who Live with HIV live well in Manitoba.

Our Mission: We are a network of innovators working collectively to transform the landscape of HIV in Manitoba

The Network brings together a diverse array of people from across Manitoba to understand and develop solutions to address HIV-STBBI complex system issues. We work to strengthen our current contributions and enrich each other’s contributions to HIV-STBBI through partnerships and collaboration, as well as identify and act upon new opportunities which we cannot do on our own but can achieve together. We address two key components of systems including institutional structures (policies, practices, ways of knowing ways of doing things, etc.) and pathways (capacity, connections). The Network supports activities ranging from knowledge transfer and exchange, deliberative discussions, policy change, practice change, education, research, and program evaluation.

Description of the Event

Working Together to Affect Change” was the name of this Network gathering that began at 8:30am and ended at 1:30 pm. The gathering was described as “We are a network of innovators gathering together on World AIDS Day for a morning of networking, sharing, contributing and taking action on complex HIV Issues in Manitoba.”

The goals of the event were to:

  • To facilitate the building of working relationships for a strong network
  • To begin to set priorities for our three Strategic Action Groups.

Overview of The Day

The event program was designed by the Event Planning Team. The Team included Laurie Ringaert, Mike Payne, Gayle Restall, Linda Larcombe, Stephanie Van Haute and Monika Wetzel. Our emcee, Eric Plamondon, enhanced the program with insightful thoughts and at the same time introduced speakers and kept the program on time. The program opened with an invocation from Elder Albert Mcleod. This was followed by a plenary presentation by Mike Payne, Co-Strategic Facilitator of the Network titled: “We Are Making a Difference”. This was followed by a dynamic session called “HIV in Manitoba: Making the Case for Action” which included three presenters and three panelists. Participants had 30 minutes for networking and refreshments and then got down to work in three breakout sessions titled: “Taking Our Challenges to Action”. The break-out sessions included our three strategic action nodes: Stigma, Prevention & Testing-Linkage. This was followed by a working lunch where the small groups reported back to the large group. The day ended with Jim Kane reminding us to remember those who had passed away due to AIDS and HIV. Then Mike Payne and Laurie Ringaert, Co-Strategic Network facilitators closed the session with a summary and discussed next steps.



The purpose of this session was to provide a foundation for understanding what the MB HIV Collective Impact Network is and why it is important in affecting change in Manitoba. Mike Payne, , provided an overview of vision, mission and goals of the Network and also described the purpose of collective impact as a methodology to impact the landscape of HIV in Manitoba. He also highlighted some of the key projects that are occurring in the Network at this time. Mike introduced the Stewardship Committee members.


The purpose of this session was to lay the foundation for action for the Collective Impact Network Strategic Action Groups (Prevention, Stigma, Testing-Linkage). It was meant to stimulate the conversation that would occur in the break-out groups. The session included the Emcee, three presenters and three panelists and was then summarized by Monika Wetzel, Policy Analyst/Consultant, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living, Primary Care, Manitoba Government.

  • Richard Rusk: (Testing & Linkage) Medical Officer of Health, Manitoba Public Health
  • Shelly Smith: (Prevention) Consultant for Healthy Sexuality, Manitoba Health & Member of Stewardship Committee of the MHCIN
  • Gayle Restall: (Stigma) Associate Professor, Dept. of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba. Board member Nine Circles CHC & Member of Stewardship Committee of the MHCIN
  • Rick Lees: Executive Director Main Street Project, Board member Nine Circles CHC
  • Anne Russell: HIV Nurse Health Sciences Centre
  • Karlene Mcleod: Indigenous nurse, member of Cross Lake First Nation. STBBI nurse for the Northern Health Region.

Figure 1: Left to Right: Richard Rusk, Gayle Restall, Karlene Mcleod, Anne Russell, Rick Lees, Shelly Smith, & Monika Wetzel.

Taking Our Challenges to Action: Break Out Sessions

The purpose of this one-hour session was three-fold:

  • To get to know each other
  • To begin to set priorities for the 2018 Action Plan
  • To get commitment of people to be part of one of the three Strategic Action Nodes (Prevention, Stigma, Testing-Linkage).
Break-Out Session Facilitators
  • Figure 1: Left to Right: Richard Rusk, Gayle Restall, Karlene Mcleod, Anne Russell, Rick Lees, Shelly Smith, & Monika Wetzel. Stigma: Gayle Restall & Dr. Linda Larcombe
  • Prevention: Tammy Reimer & Tania Wiebe
  • Testing-Linkage: Stephanie Van Haute & Albert Mcleod


    The Participants had one hour to get to know each other, develop and prioritize key areas of focus for the three strategic action groups (Prevention, Stigma and Testing). Time was constrained but the three groups did very good work in the time allowed. When examining the findings from the three groups, five themes emerged that crossed the three groups for priority areas of focus:

    • Develop an understanding of barriers facing Remote and Northern communities
    • Develop an understanding of barriers in health service pathways
    • Allow ways for innovation and opportunities to emerge in the delivery systems
    • Policy change strategies: at organizational, local and provincial levels
    • Educational Strategies: Public, Communities, Youth and for Health practitioners

Next Steps

A strategic planning day is planned for January 19, 2018 where we will once again concentrate on the three strategic areas of Prevention, Stigma and Testing-Linkage and take a deeper dive into understanding and discussing an action plan and evaluation plan for 2018.  Groups will examine the priority suggestions from the Dec. 1, 2017 event as well as from previous discussions, trends in the literature, new opportunities, etc. The event is planned for the Millennium Library and will be invitation only to help concentrate on developing plans.

The Stewardship Team will review the results of January 19, 2018 and then solidify the action plan moving forward for 2018. The MB HIV Collective Impact Network will be informed of the action plan.

Future Network events are being planned for 2018.

Many Thanks to Our Stewardship Team

Name Affiliation
Dr. Genevieve Boily-Larouche National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases
Sandy Kostyniuk Public Health Agency of Canada
Dr. Carla Loeppky Manitoba Government
Dr. Linda Larcombe University of Manitoba
Albert Mcleod Consultant & Two Spirit Manitoba
Dr. Javier Mignone University of Manitoba
Paula Migliardi WRHA
Tammy Reimer Nine Circles CHC
Dr. Gayle Restall University of Manitoba
Dr. Brent Roussin FNIHB, Manitoba Government, University of Manitoba
Shelly Smith Manitoba Government
Stephanie Van Haute MB HIV Program
Monika Wetzel Manitoba Government

For more information on this event or on the MB HIV Collective Impact Network, please contact: Co-Strategic Facilitators: Mike Payne ( or Laurie Ringaert (



Manitoba Submits a CIHR HIV Implementation Science Proposal

Congratulations to our research team that worked hard over the summer to develop a proposal for the CIHR HIV Implementation Science competition. The title of the proposal is: Coming to Care: Four Doorways to Miyo-Pimâtisiwin (a good path)for HIV Testing in Northern Manitoba.  the proposal project brought together a broad team representing academia, community, policy, practioners.  The research team includes: Dr. Linda Larcombe (PI);  Albert Mcleod; (Co-Applicant)  Dr. Kathy Avery Kinew (Co-Applicant); Ms. Vystricil Spence (Collaborator); Dr. Y. Kenan (Co-Applicant); Dr. K. Kasper (Co-Applicant); Mr. M. Payne (Co-Applicant); Dr. P. Orr (Co-Applicant); Dr. K. MacDonald (Co-Applicant); Dr. M. Issac, Dr. B. Roussin, C. Loepkky (Government sector); Dr. P. Sandstrom (Co-Applicant); Dr. A. Meyers (Co-Applicant); Dr. J. Kim (Co-Applicant); Dr. G. Restall (Co-Applicant); Dr. N. Riediger (New Investigator).  Many thanks to Stephanie Van Haute, MB HIV Program Development Officer and to Dr. Sean Rourke (REACH 2.0) for their assistance with the grant. All the best to the team for successful funding! 



Lunch and Learn: Sharing CBR Projects in Manitoba

The Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) is hosting a panel discussion on some of the CBR presentations that were recently presented at CAHR.

The session will be co-sponsored by the MB HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network. 

Join us for panel speakers, beginning at 12:00! Doors open at 11:30 for poster viewing. Light refreshments and coffee will be provided, guests are invited to bring their own lunch.

SERC invites service providers and community members to a panel of short presentations emerging from research, knowledge and personal experiences related to the CAHR 2017 conference and HIV in general. Each panelist will present for 10 minutes on the following topics:

  1. “Getting to the 90-90-90 Targets in Manitoba” by Stephanie Van Haute, Manitoba HIV Program
  2. Perspectives in Indigenous Research,” by Adina Laksar, Centre for Global Public Health
  3. “Perspectives in Research with African, Caribbean and Black Communities” by Simret Daniel, Knowledge into Action Program Facilitator & Magalie Sibomana, Knowledge into Action Project, SERC
  4. “Perspectives on the Impact of HIV Criminalization,” by Paula Migliardi, SERC
  5. “Closing the Gap on HIV issues in Manitoba through Collective Impact” by Laurie Ringaert & Mike Payne (Nine Circles Community Health Clinic)



    Fri, 26 May 2017

    11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CDT

    Add to Calendar


    United Way Winnipeg

    580 Main Street

    Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C7

    This event is free and fully accessible. Please share widely.

Any questions can be directed to SERC Winnipeg at 204-982-7800.

To learn more about SERC or to sign up for SERC E-News, please visit


MB HIV Collective Impact Network at CAHR

Photo of Laurie Ringaert (L) & Mike Payne (R) in front of their Poster at CAHR

Mike Payne & Laurie Ringaert Co-Lead Coordinators of the MB HIV Collective Impact Network at CAHR Poster Presentation

The Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network had a strong presence at CAHR with several of our members presenting papers. The following are the related Cascade SymposiumCommunity-Based Research and Clinical Research presentations from some of our members. It was great to catch up with Manitoba folks at the conference. Congratulations to everyone for great presentations. Paula Migliardi, of SERC,  is planning to bring many of the presenters together for a discussion session about what they learned at CAHR  in May 2017.


  • Being Pragmatic in Getting to the 90-90-90 Targets in Canada: Stephanie Van Haute our new MB HIV Program Development Officer was part of the Friday Noon Cascade-related panel.


  • Service Profile for Indigenous Women Living with HIV in Manitoba: An Environmental Scan: (CHIWOS–Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study) Adina Lakser, Laverne Gervais, Marissa Becker, Sharon Bruce
  • Community Engagement Prior to Study Onset Improves the Research Guestion and Study Outcomes: Monika M. Kowatsch, Margaret Ormond, Geneviève Boily-Larouche, Julie Lajoie, John Wylie,  Javier Mignone, Keith R. Fowke
  • Closing the Gap on HIV Issues in Manitoba Through Collective Impact: Laurie Ringaert, Mike Payne, Linda Larcombe, Albert Mcleod, Gayle Restall, Carla Cochrane, Laverne Gervais, Shohan Isley, Tina Sorensen, Javier Mignone, Tammy Reimer, Genevieve Boily-Larouche.
  • “How am I going to Love in this Country?” Stigma, Gender, Sexuality and Disclosure Among African Women Living with HIV in Winnipeg, MB  Paula Migliardi, Simret Daniel, Pumulo Roddy1, Javier Mignone.


  • Adequacy of Cervical Cancer Screening in HIV Positive Women Living in Manitoba: Beverly Wudel, Vanessa Poliquin, Stella Leung, Souradet Shaw, Ken Kasper, Yoav Keynan, Laurie Ireland, Marissa Becker.
  • Excess Burden of Infections Among HIV Positive Individuals Prior to HIV Diagnosis and Care: Souradet Y. Shaw, Leigh McClarty, Eve Cheuk, Laurie Ireland, Carla Loeppky, Yoav Keynan, Ken Kasper, Marissa Becker.


MB HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network

A few updates on our Network happenings:

  • We have applied for PHAC funding to support the work of the Network. Awaiting confirmation of the funding
  • Were were successful in being awarded Collective Impact Workshop 2 Support from the McConnell Foundation: Innoweave Initiative
  • We will be hosting our Workshop 2 on April 18, 2017. Here we will begin to develop our leadership & network structure as well as our evaluation/indicators for the Network
  • We will be hosting an Early Research Proposal Workshop on April 13 to discuss a funding opportunity: the CIHR HIV Implementation Science Team Grant.
  • We now have GoToMeetings capability and hosted our first Network Webinar the last week of March. This will be a great way to keep our network informed and connected.
  • Our Community Readiness Research Project, funded by REACH 2.0  & lead by Dr. Linda Larcombe, is moving forward. Our team attended a training on the CAAN Community Readiness Tool in The Pas, MB.
  • Our MB Stigma Index project funded by CIHR Catalyst grant and lead by Dr. Gayle Restall,  is moving forward. There will be a Stigma Forum to be held April 12 to engage participants on aspects of stigma.
  • CAHR: Laurie, Mike & Stephanie will be attending CAHR and presenting a poster on our Collective Impact network journey

As you can see alot happening in Manitoba! If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Ringaert, Coordinator.


Manitoba Network Receives Coaching Award from McConnell Foundation

The Manitoba HIV Collective Impact Research-Evaluation-Action Network has been awarded a coaching award to help build the necessary components of our collective impact initiative. By using the collective impact approach we can target our research activities to address the critical goals needed in Manitoba around HIV. The award is from Innoweave which is an initiative of the McConnell Foundation. Our coach, Sally Fazel will be working with some of the “champions” of our network on October 17 on further developing our theory of change, key activities and plans moving forward. We will be hosting a network discussion on November 24 on “Closing the Gap  Think Tank on HIV Testing in Manitoba” (Sign up at Eventbrite). We are then planning a workshop in January which   will help us move forward with our governance structure and evaluation/indicators.    We are deeply thankful and honoured to have this opportunity from Innoweave.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-6-32-06-amAbout Innoweave Coaching: Innoweave provides funding to help organizations access the coaching that they require to implement a new approach. All organizations that have attended an Innoweave workshop are eligible to apply for Innoweave Implementation Funding. Innoweave is an initiative of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, in collaboration with Social Innovation Generation (SiG), thought leaders, academics, and partners from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Innoweave’s objective is to provide community sector leaders with new tools and processes to effect large-scale change.