CAHR 101 Workshop

In the days leading up to the CAHR conference (Canadian Association of HIV Researchers), SHARE and REACH hosted a workshop in Saskatoon called CAHR 101 on March 26. This workshop was for Peers and staff of community-based organizations who were attending CAHR for the very first time. The 15 participants – the majority of whom were Peers – were a mix of scholarship recipients, people whose abstracts had been accepted and people attending on behalf of their organization. This full day workshop covered:

  • Impact of the CAHR conference on our work
  • Structure of the conference overall, defining key terms (abstract, ancillary, plenary, etc) and how sessions are organized
  • What the four research tracks mean and how to navigate the conference program
  • How to make sense of abstract titles in order to decide which sessions to attend
  • Self-care tips for getting the most out of 3-5 very intense days!

Participants said that this session helped them to feel more confident at the conference, as it prepared them for concepts and processes that would be overwhelming to learn on-site (specifically, deciphering abstract titles and understanding how the conference program is organized). Based on the success of this workshop, we look forward to offering it again in future years, perhaps to an even wider audience!

For a PDF copy of the workshop slides, please contact Sugandhi at

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